Linked Lists and Blockchain

Honestly, me and my friend Chris Hahn always ponder this... What is so special about Blockchain? It's literally just an obfuscated way of saying you made a Linked List. Sure Cryptocurrencies throw in some SHA-2, but... really. It literally is just a linked list. I don't get the hype around it. Linked Lists have existed for decades, while Linked Lists are a very effiecent way of storing datasets. It just seems kind of funny to me that only NOW does it catch on.

What is a Linked List?

Linked Lists are literally designed exactly the same way Blockchain works. A node (or block) references it's previous block. Double Linked Lists are the same except with a reference to it's previous and and next node. Here's some code to represent a Linked List (both single and double):

What are the benefits of linked lists?

In comparison to other data structures like "lists/arrays". Insertions and Deletions are considerably faster. Also referencing the head or tail of a Linked List is considerably faster too O(1) as opposed to O(n) for both look up and insertion/deletion. The only concern with Linked Lists is the accessibility of nodes in the middle of Linked Lists. Unless you have a pointer... err... in Node.js I guess that's a variable, referencing the nodes can be considerably slow for large datasets. However who cares in Blockchain land? All we care about are recent transactions in the linked list... I mean ledger.

Why are you ranting?

I'm only ranting because this technology has existed for decades... I just don't understand why it's all in a sudden catching on. Then again, Machine Learning and especially Neural Networks are hyped up to a unhealthy crazy amount too. When Neural Networks in reality are in most use cases a very poor way to implement machine learning techniques... (atleast from a computational cost standpoint).