Systems and UX Architecture Designer

Currently, my primary focus is in Next, EXLLaMa, and TRL. Recently, I've created Printer, a Next framework focused on being a productivity tool. However now, my work has shifted towards the creation of a RAG framework, featuring a training format inspired by the Alpaca Format but tailored for RAG optimization. This also includes a RAG testing suite for LLMs. Coming soon, sometime in 2024.


Automation Tooling for Next, Redux and Prisma

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Hugging Face

TRL - Transformer Reinforcement Learning

TRL is a full stack library where we provide a set of tools to train transformer language models with Reinforcement Learning, from the Supervised Fine-tuning step (SFT), Reward Modeling step (RM) to the Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) step. The library is integrated with 🤗 transformers.